#AskTheOffice: The Official Sizzle Press Pokémon GO Trainers

Sizzle Press is a sister imprint to little bee books that focuses on licensed properties, media tie-in books, and pop-culture titles for readers of all ages. We are really excited about the latest addition to our fall list: The Last Pokémon Master: An Unofficial Pokémon Go Adventure (on-sale November 1, 2016)—a new middle-grade chapter book about a trio of kids who play the Pokémon GO app, until the Pokémon start escaping into the real world and creating real-life challenges! You can read more about the book here!

We, the marketing and publicity crew, are so excited about The Last Pokémon Master, that we wanted to nerd out publicly in anticipation of its release. Here’s a bit about us and our Pokémon GO lives. Check out which Pokémon we’ve caught that show up in the book!

Crystal’s (Senior Publicist) Poké-Stats

  • Team Valor
  • Trainer Level: 24
  • 101 Pokémon Caught, 102 Pokémon Seen (Scyther got away!)
  • Buddy Pokémon: Vulpix
  • Pride Pokémon: My 1649CP Gyarados* (caught after a mad dash through Central Park)
  • Favorite Place to Play: Battery Park
  • Best Tip for Other Players: Click on each and every PokéStop you walk by. It’s one of the easiest ways to quickly level up.
  • Most proud of my Backpacker Medal for visiting over 3K PokéStops

Caitlin’s (Marketing Manager) Poké-Stats

  • Team Mystic
  • Trainer Level: 22
  • 105 Pokémon Caught, 107 Pokémon Seen
  • Buddy Pokémon: Bulbasaur*
  • Pride Pokémon: My 1038CP Gengar*
  • Favorite Place to Play: Poké-Mecca (Grand Army Plaza in Manhattan)
  • Best Tip for Other Players: Always catch the bats, rats, and birds! The more you catch the more you can evolve and that will allow you to level up faster.
  • Most proud of my Punk Girl Medal (caught 338 Poison Pokémon) – I also had hot pink hair in HS so I feel like I relate the most to that one (lol)

Shefali’s (Sales, Marketing, and Publicity Assistant) Poké-Stats

  • Team Rocket (I wish!) – actually Team Valor
  • Trainer Level: 19
  • 66 Pokémon Caught, 70 Pokémon Seen (Venomoth, Abra*, Onix*, and Cubone elude me – most sad about Onix*)
  • Buddy Pokémon: Sandshrew
  • Pride Pokémon: My 863CP Blastoise* (that I bumped into randomly at a food court)
  • Favorite Place to Play: Grand Central—super convenient to get to since it’s a transit hub, and you can always find at least a couple stops in the station with lures on them. Also kind of fun to go down all the separate halls!
  • Best Tip for Other Players: Rack up all the candies for your Pokémon, so that you get to the point where you can evolve 30-40 (or more!). Then crack that lucky egg and go wild!
  • Most proud of my Bronze Psychic Medal (caught 10 Psychic Pokémon) – well on my way to the Silver (which is 50 Psychic Pokémon)

*This Pokémon is featured in The Last Pokémon Master: An Unofficial Pokémon Go Adventure!

Please enjoy this gallery of Pokémon GO screenshots—each player’s profiles, plus some shots of Pokémon hanging around the office… not that we’re complaining.