Stephani Stilwell

Steph Stilwell is a pun-loving, New York Times bestselling illustrator and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. She is currently illustrating and designing for Hello!Lucky by day and can often be found working on freelance by night on books like Essentially Charli. Prior to Hello!Lucky, Steph received her BFA in
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Claire Alexander

Claire Alexander is an author/illustrator based in North London. She received a BA in Painting and Fine Art at the Kent Institute of Art and Design, and then she studied Illustration at Putney School of Art. She teaches courses in writing and illustrating picture books
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Judy Allen Dodson

Judy Allen Dodson is a public librarian, archivist, and children’s book author. Judy was the winner of the 2016 SCBWI On-the-Verge Emerging Voices Award and the recipient of a North Carolina Arts Council grant. She’s a member of SCBWI, the regional co-ambassador for the Authors
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Susannah Aziz

Susannah Aziz is a former teacher, freelance writer, and third-generation Palestinian-American Muslim. Through reading to her own children, Aziz felt humor was missing in the majority of traditional Islamic children’s literature. So she picked up a pen one day. And she wrote. Fun, silly stories.
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Diane Bailey

Diane Bailey has written 40 non-fiction books for children and teens, on topics ranging from science to sports to celebrities. Diane also works as a freelance editor, helping authors who write novels for children and young adults. Diane has two sons and lives in Kansas with her two dogs.

Lance Balchin

Lance Balchin is a photographer who takes images of laboratory equipment and reconstructs it, layer by layer, into mechanical life forms. He lives in Australia.


Barroux studied photography, art, sculpture, and architecture in France at the famous École Estienne and École Boule. He went on to work as an art director in Paris and Montreal. While in Montreal, Barroux began illustrating by creating linocut images, and he is now well
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Duncan Beedie

Duncan Beedie is a freelance illustrator and animator based in Bristol, England. He has worked in animation on a diverse series of projects for British television and web clients. When not hunched over a graphics tablet, he likes to go out and about with his dog, Ivor, and attempt
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Sheryl and Carrie Berk

A New York Times-bestselling author several times over, Sheryl Berk is most proud of the dozens of books she has co-written with her daughter, Carrie, including The Cupcake Club and Fashion Academy series. Ask Emma is their third collaboration. A renowned celebrity ghostwriter, Sheryl has worked with Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Jack & Jack,
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Georgie Birkett

Georgie Birkett is the author / illustrator of numerous books for children, including Teddy Picnic, A is for Apple, and 123 Count with Me. She lives in England.

Deborah Blumenthal

Deborah Blumenthal is an award-winning journalist and nutritionist who now divides her time between writing children’s books and adult novels. She has been a regular contributor to the New York Times, as well as to Long Island Newsday as a home design columnist. Her feature
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Sarah S. Brannen

Sarah Brannen is an award-winning author and illustrator of more than twenty books for children, including Bear Needs Help, Madame Martine, Seashells: More Than a Home, and Feathers: Not Just for Flying. She also illustrated the 40th-anniversary edition of All Kinds of Families by Norma Simon. Sarah lives near Boston, Massachusetts.
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James Breakwell

James Breakwell is a professional comedy writer and amateur father of four girls, ages eight and under. He is best known for his family humor Twitter account @XplodingUnicorn, which boasts more than a million followers. The account went viral In April 2016 and transformed James
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Ruby Brown

Ruby Brown is an experienced children’s author, living in Sydney, Australia, with her two young children. To date, she has written eight children’s fiction titles for Hardie Grant Egmont’s Chirpy Bird imprint, covering topics from birthdays and cuddles to super heroes and astronauts.

Kirsti Call

Kirsti Call is the author of several farm related picture books. She lives in Andover, Massachusetts, where she makes moosic with her husband and five children. Kirsti is often in a good moooood! Visit her at

Stephanie Calmenson

Stephanie Calmenson is the author of Dinner at the Panda Palace and May I Pet Your Dog? She grew up in Brooklyn, New York, and was an early childhood teacher turned children’s book editor before she began to write her own children’s books.

Anne O’Brien Carelli

Anne O’Brien Carelli is the author of adult nonfiction and the picture book Amina’s New Friends. She has always been fascinated by the French Resistance, and studied history at Case Western Reserve University. For her PhD, Anne researched psychology of the gifted. Originally from Ann Arbor,
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Emma Carlson Berne

Emma Carlson Berne is the author of many books for young readers. With Appalachian roots going back several generations, she was glad to write about this unique part of history. Emma has worked on projects with Disney/Lucasfilm Press, American Girl Publishing, Simon & Schuster, Scholastic,
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Mary Kay Carson

Mary Kay Carson is the author of more than fifty books for young people about wildlife, space, weather, nature, and history. After studying biology in college, and a stint in the Peace Corps, she began her writing career working on the classroom magazine SuperScience. Her books
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R. Gregory Christie

R. Gregory Christie is a 2017 Caldecott Honor recipient for Freedom in Congo Square, a four-time recipient of the Coretta Scott King Award Honor for illustration (Freedom in Congo Square; Brothers in Hope: The Story of the Lost Boys of Sudan; Only Passing Through: The Story of Sojourner
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Jennifer Churchman

Jennifer Churchman is a multimedia artist and business consultant who’s loved telling stories all her life. John and Jennifer bring their talents together to give voice to the stories of all the animals that surround them and add boundless enjoyment to their lives. They have made
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John Churchman

John Churchman is an artist, photographer, and farmer who brings stories to life with his enchanting photo-illustrations. John and Jennifer bring their talents together to give voice to the stories of all the animals that surround them and add boundless enjoyment to their lives. They have
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Henry Cole

Henry Cole was born on a dairy farm near Purcellville, Virginia, and was an adored elementary-school science teacher for sixteen years. He has since illustrated over 120 popular picture books. Mr. Cole has always loved art and science, and his keen observation of details in
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Brandy Cooke

Brandy Cooke is a children’s book editor and author who loves to cook up stories. After growing up in Connecticut she moved to New York City, where she currently resides.

Jo Cotterill

Jo Cotterill has had several careers: actor, musician, teacher, newspaper seller, but is now a full-time writer in Oxfordshire, England. She loves writing for all ages and has published over twenty books, including Jelly and A Storm of Strawberries. Jo loves going into schools and
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