Susannah Aziz

Susannah Aziz is a former teacher, freelance writer, and third-generation Palestinian-American Muslim. Through reading to her own children, Aziz felt humor was missing in the majority of traditional Islamic children’s literature. So she picked up a pen one day. And she wrote. Fun, silly stories. Susannah aims to depict the lives of average Muslim children in her work: fun-loving, enthusiastic, and delightful children. Aziz is an advocate and fundraiser for the UNRWA-the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East-which strives to provide support for the psychosocial health of refugee children living in the Gaza Strip. Aziz currently resides in Staten Island with her husband, three children, and her mischievous orange tabby cat, Chickpea.

Books by this Author

  • 9781499811575 (1)

    Halal Hot Dogs

    By Susannah Aziz, Illustrated by Parwinder Singh
    Pub Date: May 04, 2021