Five Children’s Books to Help with Learning Manners

We all know how hard it can be to get a simple “please” or “thank you” out of kids, but these characters have them beat! Take a look at some of our favorite children’s book characters that need to get their manners in check.


1. Penguin (Penguin Says “Please”, Capstone Picture Window Books)

Everyone needs something, wants something, absolutely has to have something! If you are dealing with a bossy baby, try dealing with a pushy penguin. With demands for a snack, a drink, and even socks, Penguin learns that saying “please” will get you what you want and need quicker than yelling. Read this book aloud with your child and have her point out where Penguin should have said “please”!


2. Curious George (Curious George Says Thank You, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Young Readers)

Curious George has done a great many things. He has saved his pennies, gone to the zoo, and even gone to school! When George receives a thank-you card in the mail from his friend Betsy, he likes it so much that he is ready to send them to everyone he knows! Perfect for reading together for positive reinforcement to get “thank you,” added into your child’s vocabulary. This one is sure to get some giggles


3. Bossy Bear (Bossy Bear, Disney-Hyperion)

Being the boss can be fun, but it has it’s set backs. If you have bossy-pants in your home, this book will help set them straight. Bossy Bear wants everyone to do what he wants and NOW! But when a turtle starts to put his foot down, Bossy Bear has to learn how to change his ways or lose a friend.


4. Babies (Excuse Me! A Little Book of Manners, Penguin)

This little lift-the-flap book has it ALL! Karen Katz brings simple and repetitive text paired with sweet illustrations to help kids and parents have an easy transition into good manners. All the basics are covered in this one, please, thank you, excuse me, and I’m sorry! Our favorite part of this book, is the repeated “What do you say?” that is reinforced in real life when you speak with your child. Excuse Me! is the perfect introduction and lesson to manners A-Z.


5. Entertainer (The Entertainer, little bee books)

Emma Dodd offers a hilarious story and a guide to good behavior all in one! When an entertainer dressed as a big cuddly bear arrives at little Billy’s birthday party, all the kids are delighted. He makes them hoot with laughter as he goes wild on a skateboard, gulps down water from a vase, and bursts all the party balloons. The text includes notes for readers, pointing out when the “entertainer’s” behavior is less than polite—like slurping tea and burping in his hosts’ faces. Ask your little ones what the entertainer could have done differently in each scene and check their answers against the notes in the book!