Recipe: SummerThyme Chocolate Chunk Cookies from ‘Midsummer’s Mayhem’

One of our newest middle grade titles from Yellow Jacket, Midsummer’s Mayhem, hit shelves last week and we couldn’t be more excited. This novel from author Rajani LaRocca is a mashup between a Shakespearean classic and a fierce baking competition, and is the perfectly sweet
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Quiz: Which Yellow Jacket title should you read next?

We know your TBR pile is probably already floor-to-ceiling (trust us, we know the feeling). But who can resist adding another fantastic middle grade title? Take the quiz to find out which Yellow Jacket book is the perfect fit for your next reading adventure.

Behind the story: ‘The Forty Thieves: Marjana’s Tale’

The newest title from our Yellow Jacket imprint, The Forty Thieves, by Christy Lenzi, is a retelling of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” a folk tale set in tenth-century Baghdad. This version, told from the perspective of Marjana — the girl who saves the
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Behind the Story “The Messy Life of Blue”

This blog post comes from Shawna Railey, writer behind “The Messy Life of Blue.” *** When I was fifteen, alone in my apartment, sometimes with no way of knowing how I would eat next, I often sat on the back of the toilet and stared
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