Isle of Misfits 4: The Candy Cane Culprit (Paperback)

Isle of Misfits Series

By Jamie Mae, Illustrated by Freya Hartas

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Book Details

Page Count112
Age range6 to 8
Publication dateSeptember 3, 2019
Publication seasonFall 2019

Author/Illustrator Bio

  • Jamie Mae, writer of the Isle of Misfits series, is a children's book author living in Brooklyn with her fluffy dog, Boo. Before calling New York home, she lived in Quebec, Australia, and France. She loves learning about monsters, mysteries, and mythologies from all around the globe.
  • Freya Hartas is a UK based illustrator specialising in children’s books. She lives in the vibrant city of Bristol with her partner and their ancient black cat Katsu and works from her cosy, cluttered desk in a shared studio down the road . She graduated from Falmouth University with a first class honours in BA Illustration in 2014. Freya loves to conjure up humorous characters, animals and monsters, creating the most fantastical worlds for them to inhabit and get lost in. She has worked on picture books and a number of classic chapter book illustrations for older children.

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