L.D. Lapinski

L.D. Lapinski is the bestselling author of Jamie, Stepfather Christmas, and The Strangeworlds Travel Agency series. L.D.’s books are published around the world in fifteen languages, and each book in the Strangeworlds trilogy has been awarded a Kirkus star–one of the most coveted designations in the book industry, marking books of exceptional merit.​

L.D. Lapinski lives just outside Sherwood Forest with their family, a lot of books, and a cat called Hector. L.D. first wrote a book at the age of seven; it was made of lined paper and Scotch tape, and it was about a frog who owned an airplane. When L.D. grows up, they want to be a free-range guinea pig farmer.​

You can find them on Twitter @ldlapinski or at ldlapinski.com.

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