Meet the Members of The Gemini Detective Agency!


To celebrate the release of The Gemini Mysteries #1: The North Star, we’re offering a closer look at the characters that make this new middle-grade mystery series so much fun to read. Learn more about Zach, Evie, Vishal, and Sophia before jumping into the story, then check out The Gemini Mysteries #2: The Cat’s Paw, coming December 2019!



Zach Mamuya, “The Strategist” — Tactical, organized, and thorough, Zach always thinks things through. He may not be the first to dive into danger, but he’s an expert problem-solver who can see a situation from every angle. When you need a plan to come together, Zach’s the one to do it.



Evie Mamuya, “The Guardian” — Curious, loyal, and brilliant, Evie makes things happen. Her sharp mind is quick to put the puzzle pieces together, and her compassionate heart will do whatever it takes to protect the innocent. Once you’re on her team, Evie’s got your back.



Vishal Desai, “The Diplomat” — Easygoing, confident, and inventive, Vishal can walk into any room and instantly belong. He’s a natural-born peacemaker whose charisma can disarm even the toughest suspects. Whatever the game is, Vishal can play it with style.



Sophia Boyd, “The Enforcer” — Feisty, fearless, and tough, Sophia doesn’t waste time playing nice. When there are criminals to catch, she won’t let anything stand in her way. She may be impatient and quick to jump to conclusions, but she knows how to get results.





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