Fidget Spinner Prank Makeup (from Karina Garcia’s Must-Try DIYs)

It’s time to get spooky! Slime (and DIY) Queen Karina Garcia has an awesome Halloween costume-related project in her book Karina Garcia’s Must-Try DIYs that’s perfect for pranking people! Read below for full DIY details and have fun! Keep in mind that the end result of this project is pretty creepy…


What You Need:

  • Super-Simple Fidget Spinner craft
  • Brown, purple, and black eye shadow
  • Foundation (the color of your skin)
  • Scissors
  • Small makeup brushes
  • Fake blood⁺
  • Liquid latex⁺
  • Toilet paper
  • Bowl

*You’ll need an adult to help you with this project.

⁺Sold at party and costume stores.


1. Start with the Super-Simple Fidget Spinner craft.


Learn how to make a Super-Simple Fidget Spinner here!



2. Cut off one piece of the fidget spinner.



3. Rip toilet paper into pieces. It doesn’t have to be neat–the messier, the better!




4. Now it’s time to make a fake cut. Pour the liquid latex into a bowl. Dip your finger into the latex and dab it onto the palm of your hand. JUST A TINY BIT.




5. Stick the toilet paper pieces on top of the liquid latex that’s currently on your hand. Add another layer of liquid latex. Repeat 2-3 more times.




6. Now roll a large piece of toilet paper into a snake.




7. Seal the snake with liquid latex by running it through your fingers. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to make another snake.




8. Attach the toilet paper snakes onto your hand in the shape of an eye, using liquid latex to hold them in place.




9. Add another layer of toilet paper connecting the snakes to your palm to give the illusion that this is an open cut. Add a bit more liquid latex to your hand.




10. It’s time to attach the fidget spinner! Dip the cut edge of the fidget spinner into the latex and stick it into the eye-shaped “cut.” Let it dry.




11. Carefully peel back the latex a bit from the fidget spinner. Make an opening so that it looks like your skin is torn open.




12. Time for makeup! Using a foundation wand, your finger, or small brush, apply foundation to cover the latex.

13. Then use a small brush to dust brown eye shadow pigment around the area to create a dead skin effect.



14. Finish with a bit of purple shadow, then black shadow inside the wound to give it dimension.




15. Let’s add the blood now! Using a small brush, add in some fake blood. Focus on the cut.




16. Dab some blood around the area for a more dramatic effect.




For more cool DIY recipes, check out Karina Garcia’s Must-Try DIYs!





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