6 Children’s Books to Read During Women’s History Month


Let’s hear it for the girls! March is Women’s History Month, so we’re handing the microphone over to our favorite female icons. This list includes several special picture books about little-known history figures and a handful of beautiful nonfiction books that are perfectly suited for young readers looking to sink their teeth into easy-to-read history books about pivotal moments in our nation’s past. Click on each of the book covers to learn more, and happy reading!


By Marta Breen, Illustrated by Jenny Jordahl

Why We Love It: This beautifully illustrated graphic novel tells the stories of courageous females who have fought, and continue to fight, for the rights of women today. It’s also super inclusive!



By Dee Romito, Illustrated by Laura Freeman

Why We Love It: This picture book highlights a hidden figure of the civil rights movement who fueled the bus boycotts and demonstrated that one person can make a real change in her community and beyond. It also includes one of her delicious recipes for kids to try with the help of their parents!



By Leda Schubert, Illustrated by Theodore Taylor III

Why We Love It: This poignant picture book tells the story of Raven Wilkinson, the first African-American woman to dance for a major classical ballet company and an inspiration to Misty Copeland.



By Sandra Lawrence, Illustrated by Nathan Collins

Why We Love It: This gorgeously illustrated collection tells the awe-inspiring stories of 50 women who have pushed the boundaries of human excellence and endeavor and features full-page portraits of each historical subject!



By Dee Romito, Illustrated by Laura Freeman

Why We Love It: Young readers will be inspired by creative visionary Ann Cole Lowe, who persevered throughout long periods of hardship and rose to become a top fashion designer.



By Nancy Ohlin, Illustrated by Roger Simó

Why We Love It: This early nonfiction reader covers everything from the history of women’s rights in the US to women’s suffrage movements across the world and more.


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